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Park Avenue Fashion Show 2013

On Oct 19 the annual Park Avenue Fashion Show took place.  I have always heard such awesome things about this show but never had the chance to attend.  This year my best friend Carralyce from FitnFabMamas was debuting fashions from her new store “Red Carpet Couture” so I was attending to support her!  This fashion show was so well put together I was highly impressed!  Check out some pics from Red Carpet Couture which will be opening in November and is located at 180 Morse Blvd! She definitely has some statement pieces that fashionistas will love!


Red Carpet Couture


Red Carpet Couture


Red Carpet Couture


Carralyce taking the finale walk with her model

Some of my other favorites from the show were ilash Works, Eyes & Optics, and Tuni.

I loved how they found away to showcase their eyelash work but making it very interesting by putting it on shirtless men!  What an awesome idea!


iLash Works


iLash Works

Next I was not only loving the fabulous Eyewear from Eye & Optics but hello the swimwear was amazing!  The designs were by Melissa Vivo who is awesome at what she does!


Eyes & Optics


Eyes & Optics


Eyes & Optics

Lastly I enjoyed the Hippie Chic thing the Tuni show had going.  I especially loved the head pieces. They wanted to show fashion with a social message!








Me backstage! Photo Cred Ryan Prentiss

Hair, makeup and fashions were phenomenal! What an awesome show! I can’t wait for next year!  Photo credit goes to Steven Graffham unless noted otherwise.

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