RAW Artists Orlando: Ensemble

Last Thursday I attended the 3rd installment of RAW Orlando titled “Ensemble”.  If you missed my first experience at the RAW showcase click here.  I definitely saw a major growth in the crowd this time around because it was PACKED!  I was told they sold $400 worth of presale tickets!  That’s awesome!  Check out my pics to see my highlights of the night:

Bombshell Body Art

LOVED this artwork and concept by Bill Morrison!

Makeup Artist Christelsie Johnson with her models

This was Christelsie’s makeup work and I was OBSESSED with this photo

A live painting done by Parker Sketch

I loved his (Parker’s) use of colors. I always gravitate towards his work..guess that makes me a fan 🙂

LOVED this piece by Danielle Hein

Evan rocked the house complete with backup singers

How cool is this piece by JT Smalley

Love that he uses household items for his pieces

Check out this quick video I recorded of the event!

If you missed this show be prepared for the next show Oct. 11th at The Abbey!  Don’t forget to check out the website


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