So you’re probably wondering what “Code Lipstick” is.  Well basically its a phrase I came up with to alert my fellow beauty junkies on some type of makeup sale. It’s basically saying it’s some type of emergency because they are savings that you can’t pass up! So instead of saying “Code Red” like they do in the movies…for my beauty junkies its “Code Lipstick”!  I personally love the name…maybe I’ll change my blog name to it..hmmm.. Anyway now that I got that ut of the way I wanted to share the Code Lipstick alert…are you ready??


Check your local CVS! Just because it doesn’t have a sticker on it doesn’t mean its not on sale.  The same machine you use to scan your extracare card for coupons is the same machine you can use to scan barcodes for price checks.  That way you don’t have to keep annoying the cashier. They aren’t on sale on CVS’ website just in store. Each item is about less than $2 so what are you waiting for? Get out there and shop!  I would love to see what you got your hands on so make sure you comment on the post and share with other beauty junkies! Happy shopping!

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